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August 5, 2013
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Anita Sarkeesian, aka Feminist Frequency, is a cunt. A massive, massive cunt.
If you're reading this you probably already think that, and if you don't, you're more than likely just as much a cunt as her.
It's often assumed, for some reason, that I assume with Anita, as she seems to share my 'anti-men' mentality. Maybe she does, but her and I are on two completely different levels. I accept the singular fact that women in this country are not nearly as oppressed as people like her see. There is no true 'patriarchy' in which the noble 'feminists' must fight against to obtain equality and freedom. Women in this country live on the top side of numerous double standards that give them advantage in society. We are not disadvantaged, unequal, or otherwise put down unless we allow ourselves to be, or if you're Anita, tell yourself that you are everyday due to a false and self-righteous victim mentality.
Video games, Anita? Video games. Video games are the reason women are oppressed. Anita, is it because of video games that women in third world countries are forced into burqas, into slavery, sex trafficking, or otherwise oppressed by men? Is it because of video games that legislators in this country are so interested in regulating what I do with my vagina? Is the fact that Link from the Legend of Zelda isn't a woman so horrible and oppressive to women that you must take over 100 thousand dollars from other delusional idiots who agree with anything that would feed their own victim mentality?
You haven't played one of those games. Not one.
I myself am not a huge gamer myself (in case it isn't obvious) and even I can tell that what you claim about many of them are complete bullshit. Showing two seconds of a clip, of a woman being hit, for example, could be out of context, and you do that with dozens of them.
Would I like more women in video games? Yes, Anita, I would. But the fact remains simply that games are about the game. It's about having fun on an adventure in a virtual world, and your bringing arbitrary drama and forcing the point of 'sexism' in video games is not only stupid in callous, but outright distasteful to the people who devote their lives, working for years on these games only to have them called trash by a dumb cunt on the internet, because they didn't want to write in a mary sue perfect female character.
Fuck off, Anita Sarkeesian. Fuck off and don't dare call yourself a feminist.
I'm really sick of people assuming I agree with her, so here's my rant explaining why not. Naughty words incoming.
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Hametsu-kun Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Student General Artist
Feminazi. Is that the word you're looking for? It'd take me a while to make my own rant, but truthfully there are too many counter rants, and counter-counter rants on this page. Also as much as I hate Anita and her biased, bigoted, and violently religious views, as long as she doesn't fuck shit up, I won't be throwing that shit at her face. 
Leathertoast Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Student Filmographer
Hell yes! An intelligent internet user posting something accurate about Anita Sarkeesian's views! I wholeheartedly support you, MadolcheJaqueline.
Psycho-Llama Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
You are my hero and thank you for posting this.
swatkins Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
Yeah, you just disgraced yourself.  That's all you achieved.
Powerglove42 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
If feminism is about equality, why is it called feminism?
MojoLiazon Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Professional General Artist
Funny that someone calling themselves a feminist would use a term almost always used in a derogatory manner for referring to the female genitalia as a slur word....
kimikoj90 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
I guess I'm a c*nt then because I like and agree with what she has to say.  First of all, you're wrong to assume she is "anti-men." Strike one. Have you even taken the time to watch her videos.. ALL of her videos? If you have, then you will understand that she is a media critic. She analyzes SEVERAL different forms of media.. not just video games. She analyzes video games, commercials, TV shows, magazines, websites, songs, etc. Whether you want to admit to it or not, despite the progressiveness of equality among men and women, women still receive lower salaries and wages, domestic violence is at an all-time high, etc. We still live in a male dominated world. The world is not equal among men and women, different races, and differently sexually oriented people. I realize you wrote this over a year ago but your comments were so shallow and childish that I had to long onto this account of mine (in which I hadn't visited in SO long and had to reset my password) just to defend her. If you can't see how sexualized our media has become, specifically toward women, then you've clearly been brainwashed a LONG time ago. And by not defending women, you're doing YOURSELF a great disservice. In fact, you're part of the many self-victimized women that are out there by not taking a step back and realizing how corrupt society has become. 

Anita is not playing the victim. She is educating people on the effects that media have on our lives (whether it's fantasy or not), specifically bringing attention to how women (and men!) are being portrayed in the media. She talks about how men are getting the short end of the stick too in media, being portrayed as being perverse predators that lack feelings and that want to kill everything and everyone that threaten to take what is theirs. But because portrayals of women in media directly impact women in negative ways, while men are rewarded for their bad behaviors in video games, the attention is more centered on women. 

Anita is NOT saying that video games are the reason women are oppressed. I think you're only reading into and inferring what YOU want to hear because you're attacking her for EVERYTHING. Calling her a c*nt doesn't make you the bigger person either. She's heard that PLENTY from people like you who feel SO threatened that your precious virtual fantasies are going to be affected by her comments. Well, calm down. You can disagree all you want, but your little rant is extremely childishly and doesn't support your rebuttal at all. In fact you haven't made any valid arguments against her. You're just calling her names. So your "rant" has been a waste of internet space. Because the issues she brings to light are very real, and you've done nothing to help it. Sure this is your deviantart page and you can do whatever you want, but if you're opening it up to opinions, then here it comes. 

Clearly you don't understand the point of her videos. She is not saying video games are the reason women are oppressed. Video games, media, etc. are extensions of our society. Ideas, values, morals, etc. in our cultures linger in our brains and are then represented in magazines, movies, tv shows, video games, etc. These negative images put out through the media perpetuate these ideas into the viewers. The viewers begin to believe them, and accept them as true because we see it being fed to us over.. and over.. and over again. That's just how our brains work. Monkey see, monkey do. If you don't think you've been affected by the media then you're clearly brainwashed because EVERYONE has been affected and is affected ALL the time. 

No video games are not the reason for sex slavery, sex trafficking, porn, etc. If you know anything about history, it's been going on since humans could figure out that sex was a good product to sell, which has been.. for a VERY long time. The issue though.. and what Anita is trying to bring awareness to, is that we are using these negative portrayals of women in everyday life (not just women, but racism, and homophobia), and we keep producing things that exploit it and make it fun/funny, and it just makes it worse. MEDIA IS MAKING OPPRESSION WORSE. That is the moral of all of this. Media is taking what is out there, making it consumable, and reinforcing negative ideals and so the issues never get worked out, eradicated, or stood up to; they just get "accepted as is" or made into something fun (like having sex with a hooker, then shooting her and stealing her cash like in the GTA series). 

LOL How can showing two seconds of a clip of a woman being hit (which doesn't happen in her videos by the way) taken out of context?? No woman acting as a sex object/victim should be hit.. EVER. What the f*ck kind of context could that be taken out of?? What a ridiculous claim. 

Anita doesn't call any video game trash. I cannot believe how bias your little rant is. Yea people might devote their lives to making these video games, but if it doesn't better society and they're pumping out games like GTA, Saints Row, and Duke Nukem it doesn't make them a better person just because they devote their lives to it. They're just making the world progressively worse. They fall into the same category (albeit on the very VERY mild end of the category) as sex trafficking, drugs, racism, etc. because they're promoting it through their video games and they think it's fun, and they don't care about the messages it portrays because HEY! It made Game of Year and made them $$MILLIONS$$ of dollars! Whoo hoo! Good for them! Yea.. I think not. You want to devote your life to mindless endeavors for a "cheap" buck? Go for it. This is America. No one is going to stop you. And one cause from a woman named Anita Sarkeesian isn't going to be able to stop it either. 

Also, just because a game has sexist tropes within them, doesn't make them inherently bad. It's disappointing but doesn't make them trash. And it doesn't matter whether a video game, or piece of media is "fantasy." Our brains can distinguish between fantasy and reality, but it recognizes and accepts patterns as well, whether it's fantasy or real. The more and more sexual and violence images we see, the more we become desensitized to it, accept it, and recall it. It not only affects our we perceive ourselves but how we interact with society as well. Here's an example, everyone knows that Axe deodorant doesn't REALLY attract many attractive females to you.. but does the "fantasy" get you to buy it? Yup, it sure does. The "fantasy" affected the actions of the consumer in real life. We're a very manipulative species. If an Axe commercial can get us to buy it, then video games, tv, movies, etc. are just as guilty of influencing how we think, learn, and interact with people. 
MLessard Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
TL;DR: Butthurt SJW.
Gingericecube Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
That's redundant. All SJWs are, by default, butthurt. They're butthurt because no one likes them or listens to their bigoted, hypocritical bullshit. They're butthurt because they know they're going to die alone and hated. They're butthurt because, deep down, they know the world would be a better place without them. <3
Hametsu-kun Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Student General Artist
Lol, props to you
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